Members of ABA have the opportunity to build and develop various skills through its committees. While all committees receive top-notch professional development in resume building, interview critiques, public speaking, networking, and more, each one caters to our members’ specific interests – whether it’s in service, photography, cinematography, consulting, or otherwise. Within committees, members interact with others alongside their respective chairs, allowing them to build teamwork and leadership skills by organizing and executing various events throughout the semester. All in all, ABA develops its members into the leaders of tomorrow.

Community Service

The Community Service Committee embodies ABA’s pillar of “service” through philanthropy, volunteering, and dedicating hours of hard work to help others locally and internationally. Through a corporate social responsibility project, members not only learn the impact of service and outreach, but also develop professionally to make a difference in their communities through leadership and compassion.

Top: ​Copter Lee-Issaranukul, Malika Sugathapala, Danny Wang, Harrison
Bottom: Yuhan Xie, Inaara Hashim, Ellen Wu
Not pictured: Danielle Egan


The Finance Committee aims to impart financial concepts and participate in financial simulations to enable its members to have a better idea of the financial industry. Through a semester-long portfolio project, members are not only able to apply what they have learned, but also develop a passion for the world of finance. In addition, they are in charge of planning the Wells Fargo Speaker Panel and the Internal Finance Case Competition, where committee members have the opportunity to solve finance-specific cases.

Top:​ ​Rishabh Nijhawan, Yuan Xie, Drake Wong
Bottom:​ Cora Bai, Cynthia Lai, Claire Ho, Manasi Hardikar
Not​ ​Pictured:​ ​Shaurya Sanghvi


The Marketing Committee is in charge of promoting all ABA events to students across campus as well as creating new marketing strategies. They design their own cover photos and handbills through Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, make posters, and present classroom announcements in front of hundreds of students. Marketing Committee also hosts events such as the Marketing Challenge, which is a large scale case competition. In addition, this semester the committee is working on their Venmo consulting project and they get to present to the company at the end of the semester.

Top:​ ​Nikhil Piska, Jonah Tang, Joseph Li, Jonathan Kuo
Bottom:​ Christine Ho, Judith Gonzalez, Britney Yip, Julia Mei

Media Technology

The Media Technology Committee is responsible for recording the memories of ABA throughout the semester. They capture both the social and professional sides of ABA with their video recordings of various events and also work with a start-up to create a promotional video. Their works, which are shown during Third General Meeting and Banquet, highlight the memorable moments of the semester.

Top:​ ​Anton Gutierrez, Joanne Na, Katniss Lee, Eve Fang, Zachary Ding
Bottom:​ Bow Poopipathiranyakul, Esther Jung, Amber Lee
Not​ ​Pictured:​ ​Megan Wang, Priyam Mohanty


The Professional Committee strives to develop the professionalism of all members by providing them the resources to enter the business world with confidence. This semester, the Chairs are working closely with recruiters and representatives from companies such as PwC, Dropbox, and Barclays to provide members with networking opportunities and professional development, including our networking dinner, Nexus.

Top:​ Paul Yoon, Jason Wang, Winston Hau, Ye Kyaw
Bottom:​ Emily Zou, Serena Lowe, Rachel Gunawan, Emma Yuan


ABA’s Publications Committee is responsible for maintaining communication and information across all levels of ABA. Using programs such Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, the committee puts together ABA’s blog, newsletters, and yearbook – officially documenting the memories of the semester for our archives. Additionally, they develop their own professional photography portfolio to pitch to potential clients.

Top:​ Christine Chow, ​Kaylee Wong, Hau Nguyen, Tammy Chan
Bottom:​ Ken Guan, Sam Lee, Hyun Jie Jung, Elly Lee