Our Services

At ABAC, we are eager to help our clients improve their business potential through practical research insights and tailored, actionable recommendations. Our project experiences include, but are not limited to:

Market Research & Analysis

  • Competitive landscapes
  • Industry trend and growth analysis
  • Benchmarking studies
Marketing & Advertising Strategies
Business Plan & Model Strategies

  • Expansion and growth strategies
  • Business and organizational planning
  • Product development and launch
  • Program and service delivery development
  • Implementation timelines
  • Feasibility studies
  • Data collection analysis

Project Timeline

Our project schedule is 10-12 weeks long, spanning the college semester. The project managers are in frequent communication with the client and meet with the team every week to provide updates and establish milestones. The team will typically present twice to the client – one mid-term presentation for initial feedback and a final presentation at the client site. This time frame allows us to provide a comprehensive service spanning all aspects of market research, recommendations, financial impact, and action steps.

Past Clients