Years of Legacy





Our Pillars


ABA works with prestigious companies to host workshops that help its members develop the skills to excel in today’s professional world. Career fairs, resume and interview workshops, and networking mixers are just some of the professional events that we offer. ABA has partnered with top firms including McKinsey, Deloitte, JPMorgan and Google.

ABA assists members to learn more about the Haas School of Business. We also provide members with a variety of resources, including connections to our alumni. To learn more about our extensive Alumni network,  please visit the Alumni page.


ABA truly values the concept of community and many have found one within ABA. Every semester, ABA hosts several events such as social nights, retreats, and banquets to allow members to build upon its community and strengthen existing relationships. Because ABA is such a large organization, we have set up a “Buddy System” to help each member feel right at home. Members are placed into Buddy Groups, each of which is headed by a unique member of Cabinet, where they have the opportunity to meet more people and get to know one another better. As a result, many members find themselves creating lifelong friendships within ABA.


ABA realizes the importance of contributing to our communities. This Fall, our community service chairs will host a high school mentorship program, where they assist high school students with their college applications, and organize service days in the Berkeley community.

Additionally, ABA is involved in corporate social responsibility (CSR) consulting for both corporate and non-profit clients to propose actionable solutions to leave a greater social positive impact. Our community service efforts have raise thousands of dollars for charity and help hundreds of families. learn more about the community service events that ABA offers, please visit our Philanthropy page.